frequently asked questions

What is the optimum dose for shilajit?

Typical doses range from 100-250mg, rice grain to pea size, some users take upire 500mg per day. A good portion size to start on is 100mg daily and gauge effect whilst slowly increasing to 250mg.

Is RAWSHILAJIT resin safe to consume?

Shilajit is a natural product with no additives, however all shilajit products are not created equal. RAWSHILAJIT is a premium shilajit resin which has been harvested, processed and packaged with a strict protocol for quality and safety.

How long will 1 jar of RAWSHILAJIT last?

One jar of RAWSHILAJIT resin taken daily on a low maintenance dose for general wellbeing (100mg) will last up to 250 days. For athletic performance requiring higher doses up to 500mg one jar will last up to 7 weeks.

How long will it take to notice effects?

Positive effects are typically realised within 5-7 days.

Why is RAWSHILAJIT more expensive per gram than normal shilajit?

The quality and pricing of shilajit throughout the market differs depending on various factors such as source grade, mineral and metal content etc. RAWSHILAJIT also contains zero waler weight and just enough moisture content to aid ease of use. Most viscous products on the market with the consistency of honey have high water content, allowing vendors to increase weight of the total shilajit resin supplied - this resin howeve only seems more because it has been diluted.

Has RAWSHILAJIT been lab tested for safety?

RAWSHILAJIT has undergone fill laboratory testing for heavy metal content, food safety screening, bacteria, yeast and mould as well mineral content.

Why is RAWSHILAJIT more expensive per gram than normal shilajit?

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